How to Play PUBG Mobile Lite in India

After PUBG Mobile Lite Termination in November 2020, Indian Players are no more able to play it. But We have an awesome trick to play Pubg Mobile Lite in India. So without wasting any time let's begin.

For Running PUBG Mobile Lite in India, You need to download and install a VPN application on your Android Device.

Install Quick VPN App

  • Just go to Google Play Store and search for Quick VPN.
  • Click on Install and wait for Installation.

Now I will show you how to Play Pubg Mobile Lite using QuickVPN.

Play PUBG Mobile Lite in India Using QuickVPN

  1. Turn on the Internet connection on your Android device.
  2. Open QuickVPN app.
  3. Select Country (In India, select Singapore Server for smooth and fast gameplay).
  4. Tap on Upper Arrow to Request Connection.
  5. Watch an Ads for one time and skip them.
  6. Now you are connected with Singapore's IP.
  7. Go to PUBG Mobile Lite and run it.

You will see no errors and interruptions are found.

What is QuickVPN?

QuickVPN is the VPN app that allows users to connect different IP Addresses and do secure and spam-free browsing.

Benefits of QuickVPN in order to play PUBG Mobile Lite: -

  • Easy to use and unlimited ⚡️super fast speed
  • Prevent your government from blocking any service you want
  • Resolve any foreign service access from your country is blocked
  • Support all mobile networks such as Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, 5G
  • Check every server's round trip time with antenna gauge📶
  • Connect to 13 locations in 11 countries
  • US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, India, UK, Germany, France, Ireland
  • NOT monitor and save your network data in the server at all

Final Words

QuickVPN is the best and safe way to access internet files. but remember you cannot use this app for other purposes. Use QuickVPN for fun and General purposes. Keep in mind that we are not promoting this app and respect Indian Government rules and regulations. Using this app is Completely your Choice.

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