Download And Play BGMI For Windows 7 PC (32 Bit) Without Emulator

You will be surprised to know that you can play BGMI not only on Windows 7 PC (32 Bit) but also in lesser requirements. Apart from this, it will not lag on your PC at all and will run as it runs on mobile.

BGMI For Windows 7 PC (32 Bit)

Also, You can play BGMI on Windows 7 PC Without an Emulator. Yes, In this post I will show you how to play BGMI on PC Without an emulator.
So let's know how to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on Windows 7 PC (32 Bit).

Basic Requirements for BGMI on Windows 7 PC (32 Bit)

  • An Android Device
  • A Windows 7 PC
  • TC Games Application on Both Systems
  • USB Cable or Wi-fi Connection

First of all, You have to install a Windows software called TC Games. Follow the steps are given below to setup TC Games in Windows 7.

Install and Setup TC Games in Windows 7 PC (32 Bit)

2. Click on Download Button (as shown in below image)

install tc games to run bgmi

3. Open and run the .exe file of TC Games.
4. Now, follow regular Installation Process and Install TC Games.

For a video tutorial of TC Games setup, watch the below video: -

Now you need to Install TC Games on Android Device. Here are the simple methods to install TC Games on Android.

Simple Steps to Install TC Games on Android

1. Open Google Play Store and Search for TC Games or Go to
2. Click on TC Games and Install it.
3. When the installation is done open the TC Games app and allow granted permissions.

Now, comes to the installation part of BGMI on Windows 7 (32 Bit). Installation for Battlegrounds Mobile India is really very simple just follow these few steps are given below.

Run BGMI on Windows 7 PC (32 Bit) Without Emulator

Using USB Data Cable:

1. Open Android Settings and Go to Developer options.

turn on developer option and USB debugging

2. Turn on Developer options and you will see USB Debugging.
3. Turn on USB Debugging.
4. Open TC Games software on Windows 7 PC.

Open TC Games on Windows 7 PC

5. Then, open the TC Games app on Android.
6. Now, connect Android device to Windows PC via USB Data Cable.
7. You will see a permission popup that looks like this:

allow permissions to run BGMI on Windows 7

8. Click on the OK button to run the TC Games.
9. Now, tap on connect in PC.

connect android to windows pc via USB

10. Connection process has been started. Wait for establishing the connection.

wait for establishing connection

11. Now, play BGMI on Windows 7 PC (32 Bit)

run and play bgmi in windows 7 pc without emulator

12. Click on Full-Screen Mode and Play BGMI with Android Mirroring.

Note: Setup controls before playing BGMI. For Control setup watch the above video or click here.

Using Wifi Network:

1. Simply Follow the Above Steps and Select Wifi Method.
2. Now, connect phone and PC to the same wifi network.
3. Turn on the hotspot or on the phone or PC and use tethering.
4. Open TC Games on the phone to scan QR Code.
5. Or input the IP address (Open TC Games on the phone, click "Connect PC" at the bottom of the phone screen, then click "WIFI", you can see the IP address).
6. Enter IP address and Tap OK.

play bgmi in windows pc through wifi
7. After connection, you can play BGMI on Windows 7 PC (32 Bit).

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