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Pubg is a great esports game that is played by almost all types of users. This game is mostly played by Android users. But for some Android users, the game lags due to the device has less RAM and a weak processor. Apart from this, you will get less variety of graphic settings by PUBG Mobile.

This happens not only with low-end devices but also with some expensive smartphones. What to do now in this case?

Well, we have a perfect solution for this that will let you increase or decrease the graphics of PUBG Mobile. Not only this, but you will also be able to ensure that PUBG Mobile hangs, lags, and gets stuck.

Yes, You need to Install GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile to Customize Graphics Quality and Frame Rates.

In This Post, I am sharing the master guide to use GFX Tool for Pubg Mobile. I request you to read this article till the end to get better results and awesome gameplay.

What is GFX Tool?

GFX Tool is the game launcher and optimizer for PUBG Mobile. It allows users to customize the basic to advance graphic quality in Pubg Mobile. It facilitates modification and edits between rendering, resolutions, styles, FPS, shadow, textures, graphics API, color format, GPU Optimization, and sound quality to customize according to your device configurations.

GFX Tool is developed and published by tsoml. The application has 10Million+ Installs on Google Play Store and is Rated [4.5] by 1Million+ Users.

Specifications of GFX Tool:

Features of GFX Tool

  1. Change resolution
  2. Unlock HDR graphics and all FPS levels
  3. Fully control Anti-aliasing and shadows
  4. And many more other useful options
  5. All game versions are supported

How to Install GFX Tool on Android Device?

  1. Go to Google Play Store and search for GFX Tool For PUBG Mobile. Alternatively, you can click on this link.
  2. The Install button will be visible right next to the App title.
  3. Click on it to install the App on your smartphone.
  4. Once done, the App will start downloading and install on your smartphone.

The app will then ask for permission like storage. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the app on your Android smartphone.

How to Use the GFX Tool in PUBG Mobile?

  1. Close game if it’s currently running before starting GFX Tool
  2. Choose your version of your game
  3. Customize the graphics according to your desires and device capabilities.
  4. Once everything is set, click on Accept and Run the Game

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Final Words

This is an UNOFFICIAL application for specific games. This application is not associated in any way with other brands and developers.

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