Battlegrounds Mobile India Officially Launched - What's New

The thing that all the Indian gamers and streamers were eagerly waiting for has launched. Yes, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been officially launched on the Google Play Store. Now all of you can play Battlegrounds Mobile India on your mobile without any interruption. But it has been launched only for Android users as of now, no information has been received about its iOS version yet. Soon Krafton will launch it for iOS as well.

Let us know what new changes Krafton has made in Battlegrounds Mobile India and what is special in it.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - Ready to Install
Google Play Installation Dashboard

Today (2 July 2021), Krafton has launched its much-awaited game called Battlegrounds Mobile India for all the Indian users. Within 5 hours of its launch on Google Play, 1.5 lakh people installed it and also got a rating of 4.7. From this, it can be estimated that how much popularity this app has made in India.

PUBG Mobile India has developed its huge business in India after 2018. And as its popularity started increasing, it went on increasing its business even more. PUBG revolutionized Esports in India. PUBG proved to be a great career for many streamers and YouTubers.

But in the year 2020, due to it being a Chinese app and keeping in mind the respect of the information and privacy of Indian users, the Indian government banned it. Along with this, PUBG Lite was also banned by the Government of India.

The Indian government said that the game was launched in India by a Chinese company called Tencent. Due to which the sensitive information of Indian users was being stored on the servers of China. And there was also a fear that China could misuse that information. Due to this, it was completely banned from India.

After that Krafton launched Battlegrounds Mobile India in India which has no relation with Tencent or China.

BGMI is almost similar to PUBG Mobile but some minor changes have been made to it like its avatar, logo, name and servers, and many more.

What's New in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Let's see what's new in Battlegrounds Mobile.

1. Name

"Battlegrounds Mobile India" is the Indian-oriented name that makes it an Indian app. Earlier its name was PUBG Mobile which was the global version. Since it is made for India and Indian users only, then the company has also kept its name similar to India.

2. Logo or Avatar

Changes have also been made to the app logo of Battlegrounds Mobile India. In this, the character named Victor is wearing a white outfit and a level 3 helmet. In whose background bunches of Indian-themed gradient colors have been used. Due to this, the new logo of this game looks quite attractive and Indian-oriented.

3. Servers

The first six server options were given in PUBG Mobile. From which the users used to play the game by selecting the servers according to their location and internet. The names of these servers are as follows:
  • Asia
  • South America
  • North America
  • Middle East
  • KRJP
  • Europe

  • The Asia server was very popular in India because it had a ping rate of 100 ms and less and the game ran faster. Since Battlegrounds Mobile India is an Indian app, the option to choose a server is not given in it. Only Indian servers have been used in this.

    4. Others

    • Some general changes have been made in its UI (User Interface).
    • The Tencent logo that used to appear at the beginning of the game has been removed.
    • The Krafton logo is shown at the start of the game.
    • The color of blood in the game has been changed from red to green.
    • When a player defeated another player, the keyword "killed" was used, which was quite aggressive. But in BGMI it is changed from "Killed" to "Finished".

    5. Restore Old Data

    If you had purchased and achieved many things from your account in PUBG Mobile, then you can restore them in BGMI. Your Name, Avatar, Gun Skins, Outfit, Throwable Skins, UC, BC and SIlver Fragments will all be back in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

    For this, you have to login with the same account with which you played your PUBG.

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