How to Earn Money by Playing BGMI on Youtube

What if you get money and fame by playing BGMI? Yes, there are many gamers who are running their gaming channel on YouTube and earning money in many ways.

If you also like to play BGMI and you are a pro player then we think you should start a gaming channel on Youtube. With this, you can enjoy the game as well as develop your gaming career.

earn money by playing bgmi

In today's post, we will tell you about the requirements and scope of starting a gaming channel. Along with this, you will also know what are the benefits of starting a gaming channel.

Ways to Earn Money by Playing BGMI

Here are the proven methods for earning money by playing BGMI or any other game. You can read all the ways carefully to earn passive income from a gaming channel on youtube.

1) Superchat and Superstickers

If you participate in Youtube Partner Program then you can earn money from Superchat and Superstickers. With the help of these features, your viewers buy superchat to make their message look attractive during live streaming. Along with this, they can also pin their message to the top of the video.

If the number of viewers on your channel is high, then you will be able to earn real income during live streaming. Because there is no dearth of views and subscribers on gaming channels and they grow very quickly as compared to other categories of channels. So according to this, you will not take much time to earn money from Superchat.

Keep in mind, To earn money from Superchat and Superstickers, you must be above 18 years of age and your channel must be monetized.

2) Sponsorship

Promoting any brand, product, or service on your video or live streaming is called sponsorship. If you are able to engage viewers with your gaming content, then you can approach any gaming brand for sponsorship.

Sometimes some brands approach the channel themselves to promote their product or service according to the authority of the YouTube channel. For this, they directly contact the owner of the channel.

If you want, you can directly contact any brand and get sponsorship and charge a fixed amount. This is one of the most popular way to earn money from a gaming channel.

3) Monetization with Adsense

Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money from a gaming YouTube channel. Adsense is a sincere ad network that serves relevant ads to your YouTube videos and streaming. Adsense will provide you revenue when a viewer sees or clicks on the ad shown during your video.

You have to monetize your YouTube channel to earn money from Adsense. For monetization, you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours on your channel within the last 12 months. Once you meet these policies, you can request to monetize your channel.

4) Affiliate Marketing

Reviewing, promoting, and selling the product of another website is called Affiliate Marketing. In affiliate marketing, you can review any product on your channel from any website.

When you promote a product and provide a referral link of that product to the user which is the unique link generated by you. So you get a commission for any content purchased from that link.

Many e-commerce websites run affiliate programs in which Amazon is popular. You will easily find many gaming-related products on Amazon such as gaming headphones, chairs, gaming consoles, gaming devices, and gaming PCs or laptops.

You can make a lot of money by promoting this type of product on gaming channels. Click here for a master guide on Affiliate Marketing.

Requirements for Starting Gaming Youtube Channels

1) Game:

Choose a game in which you are perfect and in which you are not easy to beat.

2) Smartphone:

A highly configurable smartphone to make your game run smoother and play the game in high-quality graphics. You can have both Android and iOS. We recommend the iPad for ultimate and non-stoppable performance.

3) PC/Laptop:

If you want to do gaming on the big screen then you should do gaming on a PC or laptop. Buy PC and Laptop according to the game. Our advice would be that you use a PC for gaming as it will also fit in your budget and gives awesome performance. Apart from this, you will also be able to do live streaming.

4) Headphones:

For gaming, you need a headphone that provides high-quality sound. This will give a great gaming experience to you and your viewers. This is a great idea to establish a great engagement among your users. We recommend that you use wired headphones. In wireless headphones, you get to see latency, which can spoil your gameplay.

5) Internet Connection:

A good internet connection is a must if you want to do online gaming or live streaming. You can choose the best internet connection according to your location.

Scope of Gaming Youtube Channel

Internet users have increased a lot since the internet has become cheaper in India. In which video content is consumed the most. People started using the internet for work as well as entertainment.

After 2018, when PUBG came on the play store, it revolutionized the gaming industry. People started playing various types of online games and some of them also started their Gaming YouTube channel.

With the passage of time, gaming creators started growing and many big companies and brands collaborated with them. Gaming creators like Dynamo and Scout have gained a lot of popularity.

Apart from this, he also made gaming his career and today he is earning very good money and living a better lifestyle. Along with money, he also got a lot of fame, due to which he established his dominance on other platforms as well.

If seen, there is no harm in starting a gaming YouTube channel, even you should start your Gaming  YouTube channel today and start your gaming journey.


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