How to Open BGMI Redemption Center?

In this article, I wanna tell you about "how to open BGMI redemption center".

From some days we are landing on many fake content on the internet, if youtube video or any website.

Everyone is claims, that BGMI is officially launched Redemption Center to redeem your rewards. Just like this:

How to Open Redeem Center?

  1. Just open BGMI website as shown in video or image.
  2. Now click on header banner.
  3. Then, spend minimum 30 seconds on redirected link.
  4. Now, click back on website.
  5. Enter your BGMI player ID in the given form.
  6. After submission, you can see the successful message in your device screen.

Congratulations! You have become a fool.

Yes! I said - "You have been fooled".

You know what, it's not your fault. Because you don't know what is happening.

Don't worry! I tell you what the matter is...

When you land any website that creators provide you. You will see the ads and clicking on it. And when no result are reflecting on your player account. Then you can repeat this process again and again. This circulation is generating the great amount of revenue to the creator who referred you on their site.

In other words, all the content around BGMI redemption center is fake until the official website is not provides any information about it.

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