BattleGrounds Mobile India - Pre-Registration & Rewards

South Korea's video gaming developer company Krafton has started Pre-Registration for BattleGrounds Mobile India. You can do Pre Registration by going to Google Play Store or on the official website. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is finally here! Pre-Register NOW for INDIA KA BATTLEGROUNDS and win exciting rewards!

India Ka BattleGrounds Pre-Register Now

Here we will tell you how you can do pre-registration of BattleGrounds Mobile India. And which Reward has been confirmed by Krafton for Pre-Registration.

Rewards for Pre-Registration

Krafton has not set more specific rewards for BattleGrounds Mobile India. But these rewards are good for the new user.

1. Recon Mask

Reward 1 - Recon Mask

Recon Mask is a great mask to wear on the character's face. It is a black-colored mask, designed with a couple of small holes. Apart from this, a small strip of the yellow and white color is seen on the side of the mask. Which can be estimated how much it will fit on the face of the character.

2. Recon Outfit

Reward 2 - Recon Outfit

In the case of a free outfit, Recon Outfit is a professional outfit. It is worn simultaneously on the upper and lower parts of the character. It has an upper jacket which is featured with blue color. It has black flashy pants and long boots at the bottom.

3. Celebration Expert

Reward 3 - Celebration Expert (Limited Title)

Celebration Expert is a limited title that will be given to players for a short time period. Krafton has not given any details about this yet. It may be added to the player's name or something else.

4. 300 AG

Reward 4 - 300 AG

On pre-registration, each player will be given 300 AG along with all the rewards. The full name of AG is Ace Gold which is the currency of the game. With this, you can Crate Opening and purchase anything in-game shops.

How to Pre-register for BattleGrounds Mobile India?

1. Make sure that you are logged in with your Google account on your Google Play, so that you will sign up in BattleGrounds Mobile India in the future.
2. Now, open Google Play on your Android device and search for BattleGrounds Mobile India or click on this link -
3. Click on Pre-register.
4. That's it! You are pre-registered for BattleGrounds Mobile India.

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